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Purple Supra

Purple Supra

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The Original Tabletop RC Drift Car🚘💨 

Transform Your desk into your Beloved Drifting Circuit

The World is your Drifting Circuit!

Transform your boring environment into your own Tsukuba Circuit

or Develop your own little Japanese's circuit right next to your keyboard.



Every car kit Comes with a P31P Remote control offering a variety of controls and options to tune your experience of RC drifting.

Tweak your RC remote settings to meet the demands of the track...

or have fun with the gyro traction to really make your drifting dreams come into a reality.


SKERRRRRRT Your Stress Away

Drifting around your Mini Course Has a smooth Zen feel to it.

Relax and Drift your stress away...

Admire the power and engineering of this mini masterpiece. 


Inside The Ride

Every RC Car is equipped with RC drifting technology providing unique mechanisms that provide the best RC drifting experience. 

The combination makes for a unique RC experience at 1/76 scale.


Gyro Steering Correction

This system delivers the exact amount of counter-steering needed to prevent spin-out.  It can be tuned via the remote.  All the way on, and drifting is easier, but you lose some ability to whip the car through tight corners.  All the way off, throttle control and manual counter-steering is the key.


Metal Drift Tires

Embrace the thrill of precision drifting with mini RC cars and their sleek metal drift tires. Achieve seamless cornering and experience the unmatched satisfaction of perfect exits.


Fully Proportional Steering

Sensitivity is key in drifting, that's why we use a fully proportional steering setup. This allows the driver to make micro-adjustments throughout the drift, to maintain smoothness and velocity.



  • 1:76 Scale RC Car
  • Rechargable
  • Drift Tires
  • LED Lighting
  • Controller and Tools Included
  • Drift Maxxing Instructional E-Book
  • 2x Customizable Body Kits
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How long do batteries last

30-45 minutes. The settings you use can depend on the battery play times.

How long does it take for the battery to charge

It takes around 30 minutes for a full charge.

Does it include a charger

Yes each RC car comes with USB-C Charging.

Why are my wheels constantly turning?

The traction control system uses a gyro to maintain stability. As you move the car around, if the traction control is on, you will see the wheels try to correct. You can tune this system via the controller.

Why is my steering not working

Please run through the pre-drift checklist:

  • Is it charged?
  • Is it on?
  • Is the remote on?
  • Is the steering trim set to the middle?
  • Is the steering sensitivity turned up?

Why is my steering backwards?

Toggle the steering reverse switch to "NOR".

Why is my car so slow?

Is it charged?

If so, make sure the speed limiter is off and make sure throttle sensitivity is up.

Also check the condition of the tires. If your track surface has gunk, the tires may have picked some of it up.


Yes are RC cars are RWD 🚘💨