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Vapor Drift Car

Vapor Drift Car

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Vapor Slide Drift RC Car

Pure Sliding Pleasure

Because sideways is the only way.  With the Vapor Slide you can experience the flow of drifting anywhere.  The perfect corner exit does exist, and it's waiting for you to bring it to life...

Feel the Drive  

Drift tires and fully proportional throttle bring full control to your finger tips.  The feel is all there, and the look...

Vapor Slide Exhaust System

The first of it's kind.  Our Vapor Slide Exhaust System provides a unique mechanism that allows you to add water and mimic a real exhaust system.  The look is incredible and raises the experience of drifting.

Run It How You Like

Looking for pure speed?  Use the included wrench to swap out the tires.  With grip tires, the Vapor Slide can reach speeds over 11 MPH, and the durable Impact Body is ready to take whatever punishment you dish out.

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How long do batteries last

30-45 minutes. The settings you use can depend on the battery play times.

How long does it take for the battery to charge

It takes around 30 minutes for a full charge.

Does it include a charger

Yes each RC car comes with USB-C Charging.

Why are my wheels constantly turning?

The traction control system uses a gyro to maintain stability. As you move the car around, if the traction control is on, you will see the wheels try to correct. You can tune this system via the controller.

Why is my steering not working

Please run through the pre-drift checklist:

  • Is it charged?
  • Is it on?
  • Is the remote on?
  • Is the steering trim set to the middle?
  • Is the steering sensitivity turned up?

Why is my steering backwards?

Toggle the steering reverse switch to "NOR".

Why is my car so slow?

Is it charged?

If so, make sure the speed limiter is off and make sure throttle sensitivity is up.

Also check the condition of the tires. If your track surface has gunk, the tires may have picked some of it up.


Yes are RC cars are RWD 🚘💨